Possibility to save on different objects

Possibility to save on different objects

Is there a easy way to save data from single screen to be saved in multiple objects on single click.

e.g : Assuming that we have Address,  Products, Sub Products , Shipment Details, Delivery details all from different objects but displaying in single page how would you save that?

It is similar to saving the individual records. You just have to put all the mapping and saving logic in one action and make sure that save order is correct to maintain referential integrity. 
Thanks Kota
But I've tested that, when we are going to do that kind of save... all that would happen is just save must none of the records are getting saved.

If you are going to talk about referential integrity... I'm just giving you examples of some very simple objects here, in actual business application I'm talking about having 200+fields in object with multiple referential duplicates values.
One of your save actions is probably throwing an exception and if all of the save actions are within the same transaction context, everything is rolled back.  As a rule of thumb, the database transaction starts at the green start icon and the commit happens at the green end icon, unless you specifically place a commit somewhere in the action.

Debug step through the action with the "break on all exceptions" turned on and see if the Session.ExceptionMessage value gets set somewhere.

Another things to look for: You cannot insert a new record in an action and also update the same record within the same transaction scope.  SQL server does not like that.  If you are creating new records which are updated later in the same action, do a commit after the insertion and then perform the update.  

We have seen this happen on our side where the update is not committed, AND there is no exception thrown.  The changes simply disappear.

Hope this helps.

Well we tried many combinations, It doesn't seem to work... 
Hi Kayala,

Have you tried to replicate the problem in a simpler eSpace?
If you could provide a sample eSpace were you could replicare the problem it would be easier for us to pinpoint it.

João Rosado