Outsystem Users

Outsystem Users

Hi there!

Our Company is conducting a Benchmarking for our Business Plan Presentation this coming December.  Hope you can help us on this.  We need to know the companies that are using outsystem as their development platform, your team composition in a project and the year that you've started using outsystem. 

Hope to hear from you soon! ^-^ Thank you very much in advance!

This link - http://www.outsystems.com/customers/ - will give you a nice list of most of their customers.  Clicking on some of the case studies might give you some more details though probably not everything you want.  This question can probably be better answered by asking Outsystems directly by clicking the Contact Us link at the top right of the customers page I pointed at.

Hope this helps,
Hi Mr. Curt, 

thank you very much for this.  This will surely be a big help for me and my team in our research. 

All the best, 
Hi Julie Ann. We are using the platform since the beginning of this year (2014). The studies started at 2012 when we were looking for a way to delivery more value via software. The experience is being awesome so far.
Now we are dealing with the performance karma. Our first application is about to be deployed in a huge environment with thousands of users, and the challenge now is "capacity plan".
If you can, please share your expectations with us.
Julie, Joao -

Please both feel free to private message me with exactly what you'd like to know... we have one of the largest OutSystems apps out there, have used it in some very big environments, etc.