How to insert data in a recordlist

How to insert data in a recordlist

Good day.

I'm currently creating an extension in I have a function that will output a recordlst data type which ill use in my outsystems application. but im having trouble on how can i insert my extracted database data to the recordlist variable in the c# code.

this is a sample code.

public void MssGetCategoryList(out RLcategoriesRecordList ssCategogyList)
ssCategogyList = new RLcategoriesRecordList(null);


the "MssGetCategoryList" is the default function created by integration studio in it will output  a recordlist which is the "ssCategogyList".
Now i have my data filled in the "DTItems"  which is a DataTable. My question is how can I insert my data from "DTItems"  to ssCategogyList.

I already got it working after some trial and error codes.
I just can't find way how to delete this post. thanks.

Can you post a working sample code? this may be useful for others who might be asking the same question.

Shouah -

There's a "known answer" post in the forums for this already: