Date Functions use

Why when I use in Default Value propriety

AddDays(CurrDate() ,1)

I get

'Default Value' must be set to a 'Date' literal value.

Hi Alberto,

Because it must be a fixed value and not a calculated value.
Thanks from your Anwser. But, what you sugest to do  insted of using AddDays(CurrDate() ,1)

You have to set the value in runtime, make an assign in screen preparation for example.
Thanks again.
In fact your solution it ok for defining the value of a variable, but not for it default value.
At least I do not know yet how to put it to the default value of a variable.

That's the only way to do it, default values can only be fixed values not calculated. You have to set the logic in your screen to set the default value when you need.
If that variable is used in a filter, you must have a control (boolean) that indicate if is to set the default value and if is true assign AddDays(CurrDate() ,1).
The AddDays() function expects a datetime type as its first parameter, because it effectively adds hours to the given date and not a number of days.

Just use AddDays(CurrDateTime(),1) instead.
Hi Izak,

You can't use that in default value of a variable.

Check this link.
You can use CurrDate() but not AddDays(CurrDate(),1) or you can set 2 but nor 1+1. Always set a value not an expression, like the link above says only some built-in functions are accepted.

My appologies.  I did not notice the "default" part of the original post.