Timer not starting automatically according to schedule

Hi All,

I ran into an issue yesterday where I setup a Timer, but it’s not being executed on schedule.

Here is the timer setup:

Please see the “Timers\MessageScheduler” logic below:

When I call the logic from a button, it executes fine, so I suspect that it’s something small / something I missed on the setup of the timer itself.
Could you please point me in the right direction?

Hi Charl,

Do you have an on-premise instalation of the platform? I'm just asking this because your server might be on a different timezone and the timers start accoding to the server time.

Hi Hélio,

The Timer is setup to run every 15 minutes on a dialy cycle.

Our server is not on-premise.
I dialed in to make sure that the timezone setup is correct.

Unfortunately this isn't our problem.

But thank you for your input :)

Hi Charl,

Have you checked service center (http://<yourserver>/ServiceCenter) > Factory > eSpaces > your eSpace > Timers?

This page should point the next time the timer will start (you can set a break point and catch it on debug), the last time it started and the time it took.

You can also check if you're having problems with the Scheduler Service in http://<yourserver>/ServiceCenter > Monitoring > Environment Health.


Sometimes the timers get overwhelmed, if you have too many timers trying to run some can lag by quite a bit. If that's what is happening (check Service Center and make sure that it is actually overdue), then you should edit your app server's configuration using the Configuration Tool and increase the number of timers it can run at a time.

Thank you Hélio and Justin.

It is working now. I believe it was working from the start...