Filter one Aggregate with the result of other

Filter one Aggregate with the result of other


I need some help. Can I filter one aggregate with the result obtain in other aggregate.

Let me try to explain!

I have an aggregate that return a number of records. And I pretend to filter a second aggregate with the result of the first...

Hi Alberto,

You can use the output of an aggregate to filter in the another one in the same scope, but you can only use a single value of the output given by the current property, e.g. List.Current.Count (where Count is an aggregated column)
Thanks,  I was not very clear.

I have one filter aggregate that give as output a list of 4 records. With one numeric (integer) column.

I would like to use the values of that column in order to filter the second aggregate (in fact the number of the first aggregate correspond to the identifier of the second (entitie) aggregate that I do not pretend to list)

Thanks again
Any Solution?