Checkbox always checked

Checkbox always checked

Hi - I have 4 checkboxes in a webblock; each checkbox is tied to a session boolean.  This webblock is part of another webblock.

Each time i select the checkbox, it says checked (the default value of each session checkbox boolean is true). What am i missing?  On the change event, I tried an ajax refresh on the container.  At the end of the action, I notify the parent widget.  

What am I missing with the checkboxes?  Why don't they just check and uncheck?  I'm using v8.

Thank you
Hi David,

Can you post a sample eSpace where it replicates what you are trying to do?

João Rosado
Hi João - I've attached a simple eSpace that seems to have the same issue.  It's probably something simple.

When I click a checkbox, in the WebBlock, it appears that the OnCheckClick fires twice because the container flashes yellow twice.  The checkbox outside the WebBlock seems to behave normally.
I found the issue...  I had accidently set the onclick of the container.