Does anyone have an implementation of the CrystalToPDF working in an OML that they can sharewith us.  We are particularly interested in how you access the .RPT file (as in, where would they be located).  

I have imported it to one of our eSpaces, configured an action to invoke the GeneratePDF method and I get a "Load Report Failed".

I have created my report file (.RPT) and added it to OS as a Resource, with the 'Deploy to Targer Directory' and the 'Target Directory' set to Reports.

In the ServerFullPathReport parameter of the GeneratePDF method, I have tried various paths to try and access the report on disk.  The latest being ".\Reports\ECW_Scale_Colin_rpt". I have also tried without the dot preceding the path, but each time get the "Load Report Failed". This action is on the critical path of one of our projects, so any help would be appreciated.