Learning CSS the fastest way!

Hi guys,

Here at OutSystems we're always looking into new ways to improve ourselves and help others.
So some time ago, we've identified the need to have some CSS training that would respond especifically to our needs, and that would glue tidly together with our most beloved OutSystems Platform!

And since things become more enjoyable when shared, I am very pleased to share with you our unofficial and until now internal only CSS workshop!

Below you will find, the workshop resources:
Hope this helps you a lot, in all of your customizations, and in making some magic!
Feedback is more than welcome!

Kudos to Marco Costa and to Miguel Ventura, you guys rock and you are a big part of this!



Hey Ruben,

Excellent learning resource!  Thanks for sharing it!  I cannot find the materials to walk through exercise 3 without needing to peek at the exercise solution.  Did I miss them somehow, or could you post the HTML/CSS files too, please?

Hi Joshua,

I'm glad that you find it useful! :)

The HTML/CSS files provided by the design team are in link of the slide.
The idea is to grab on this files and create the design proposed.

Let me know, if it's clear now!