[OutSystems Cloud Entry Point] Page rules

[OutSystems Cloud Entry Point] Page rules

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Published on 2014-11-05 by Acácio Porta Nova
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Published on 2014-11-05 by Acácio Porta Nova
Can this handle the page rules functionality found in the .NET stack?

We're in need of this for RESTful services and need to be able to have a dynamic url for pulling specific information, ie : http://host/api/build/{id} or http://host/api/build/123
Hi Nicholas

This component cannot handle such advanced functionality. Please note that this is not an SEO solution (allowing for pretty names): this is just a structured approach to having multiple names for a web-site and redirecting them to separate apps. It emulates (kind of) the Site Rules functionality in SEO URL.

If you want URL rewriting mechanisms I imagine you can use something around the "rewrite valve". I have never tested it, but I imagine it could work. https://docs.jboss.org/jbossweb/7.0.x/rewrite.html

Why don't you try to create a component with this?


I appreciate the link, and I do not mind doing the manual work. My confusion now with Outsystems vs manual coding is that I don't not have access to the actual code level. Therefore, I'm not sure how to go about building a component to do things such as this. Everything I've found regarding using the rewrite valve references interacting with things at the file level which, again, I am unsure how to even access from the server ( since it places everything into a war file ) much less from a component built within Outsytems.

Any guidance or examples you could possibly provide would be extremely appreciated.

My apologies for the ignorance, Outsystems makes everything else so easy :)

I get your point. It's actually possible to orchestrate the platform to generate files and manipulate other; though I'm not sure all the files for this kind of manipulation is accessible. 

You can manipulate web.xml with Service Center Factory Configuration and you can generate a properties file either as a resource in an eSpace or in an Extension. 

If I get the time I might try a proof of concept for this next week. 

Hi Acácio,

Did you have a chance to POC this? I'm really curious and interested to see an example of what you mentioned.