HTTP GET interferes with Ajax Submit botton??

Hi all,

I have a page that uses an HTTP Get in the preparation. The problem is that I have to screen actions (activated by ajax submit buttons) that seem to be disabled. When I delete the HTTP Get from the screen preparation, the ajax submit buttons start to work as expected. Does anyone have any ideas on getting these to work nicely together?

Not enough information to really understand what you are trying to achieve, but mybe this will help.  

Is the HttpGet call needed during the initial loading of the screen only?  If so, you can bypass the call with an if IsLoadingScreen() to prevent the subsequent ajax calls from executing the step.
Not sure that is the problem, because ajax calls never execute screen preparations (only webblocks preparations if ajax refreshed).

Julius can you reproduce the problem in an example eSpace?

João Rosado
Hello All, I did some more work on it and its not the HttpGet thats causing the issue. Its actually the a simple line chart. It seems that the charts listed in the references prohibit screen actions to function if they include ajax. Does anyone know how to get around this?

Julius -

Check your browser's JavaScript console for JavaScript errors.