loading project (GoldDigger) from Forge

I am trying to install GoldDigger-1.0.osp.
I download the file from

And double clicked on the file.
The solution pack 8.0 started, and clicked on publish.
The tool publishes it, but with errors (see bellow).

It looks like the project is missing extensions, I added some (ardohttp ardojason), but I don´t know where to get all of them.
Could someone help me ?



Hi Pedro,

Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to upgrade this project to 9.0  Some dependencies would not actually be needed - especially now that REST web references are natively supported in the newest version of the platform.

From the looks of your error list Pedro, you may also be missing a set of Forge components, namely:
- ardoJSON
- ardoHTTP
- Network FileSystem
- SortRecordList
- OutDoc (this one still requires some slight changes, namely setting 4 actions public - take a look at GoldDigger's references)

Once you publish the latest versions of the above components, retry publishing the GoldDigger module. Do let me know if this worked.


From a quicklook at the log on the other day I think I also remember seeing UIPatterns module missing.

João Rosado
Hi Joao,
where can I get the UIPatterns  module ?
I could only find the Mobile UIPatterns .

Is there a version available for version 10.0 as the current one keeps on complaining about broken references?