Can we store images in one Static Entitie ?

How can we do it? I would like to save a kind of icon for each record.

Hi Alberto,

I'm thinking the simplest way to do that would be to import the image into the Images folder in the Interface tab and then create a static entity record that would reference the network location of that image.  I can create an example OML for you later this week if you like.  Just let me know.

Upon looking at the entity attribute types supported in a static entity I noticed that the Binary Data type is supported, so it could be possible to put the binary image data into a static entity record's binary attribute, but I think the first solution is simpler.

Thanks for your replie. I would be very interessed if you can send me one example.

Thanks very much.
There's no way to do this. It's a UI issue in Service Studio. You can make a BinaryData attribute, but the UI doesn't have a way to set it. I filed this as a "bug" or an "idea" a while ago. :(

Your best bet is to either make it a resource and refer to it like that, or have the static entity point to a URL you can refer to, or a file system location. And for that, I'd rather use site properties...

If the objective is to show images on the page I would add the images on the eSpace and then just set the static entity value to a relative url for it.
Ex: "/YourEspaceName/img/imagename.png"

That will be cleaner than having site properties or having to use database images when static resources would do a better job.

João Rosado
Very sorry for the delay, but here is the start of an app (OAP) for you to demonstrate how this is done.  Obviously incomplete, but should show you how to accomplish what I believe you are looking for.
Thanks Very Much for you Suport. I will check our app and will give feedback
Thanks Joshua

I analyse your solution. I learn with it. But my question is: why I can not use a Binary Data Attribute in a Static Entitie and save on it the image for further use.

Once more, thanks for your support.
Alberto -

I answered this earlier... Service Studio allows you to create a Static Entity with binary data as its type, but not to set the value. It's an oversight in the UI and has been reported as a bug.

Thanks Justin

There are some news about it? I'm looking for this solution...

HI Renato,

First, you replied to a pretty old post (November 2014), which in general is not a good idea. It's better to create a new one and reference the old one. Secondly, it's unclear to me what "news" or "solution" you need. As far as I can see, Joshua posted a solution.