I’m trying to add a prompt to a input function. I have managed to do this for mandatory inputs only. When published I can only see my prompt when I deleted the contents of the input box.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Specify the null value of the input.  If it is a text input, use "" for the null value property and specify the prompt value e.g. "Enter first name" in the prompt property. I am on version 8, but if you are on version 9 it should work the same.
Thank you for your help.

For my input calendar i have set the null value to #1900-01-01 00:00:00# and set a promt called "Enter Date". However when I publish it automatically populatesthe input with todays date and time.. is there any way to chnage this?


Hi Katie!
Check out your default value. You have inputed for the default value the CurrDate() , thats why your field is always populated.

Andrew Tabata 
Hi Katie,

If your input widget "automatically" shows the current date and time, that means that you somehow have set it to that value. Do you assign the variable that's bound to the widget somewhere? Does it have a default value of CurrDate()?