How to export data to google spreadsheet.


I have onle requirement.

I wanted to export data to google spreadsheet. Is it possible in outsystems. If so can anyone help how to do it?

Hello Sattibabu,

I noticed that there's a SDK that enables you to work with Google Sheets. This could be wrapped in an extension and used to achieve what you're aiming for. The link is the following; 

While going through the documentation, I noticed that some of the use cases that you'll need, like creating and deleting a fileis not supported with this SDK, and you need to use the Google Drive API. Luckly, we have you covered ;) You'll find in Forge a Google Drive Connector that we've released and support.

Have fun!
Hi pedro,

Actually I wanted to export data to google spread sheet from the application it self.We have feature call "export to excel"  in Outsystems. In the sismilar manner I wanted to add one feature called " Export data to Google Spreadsheet". Is it the same you posted above.

One more thing.. Is it supports outsystems V8?

Please confirm.

Sattibabu Vatti.
Hello Sattibabu,

In order to have the functionality you need, you have to implement it, using the tools I mentioned before.

Unfortunately our connectors do not support V8, cause they take advantage of the REST Webservices consumption that is new in P9.

Pedro Cardoso