Disable GrantAllRolesToAdmin Timer

Disable GrantAllRolesToAdmin Timer


I can't deactivate the Users eSpace timer: 'GrantAllRolesToAdmin'

If I try to deactivate this timer I get the green popup from service center saying 'Timer(s) successfully deactivated' but it stays active and runs every time the espace is published.

If I disable the timer 'SynchronizeDomainUsers' in the 'next run' column shows 'the timer is deactivated' but after deactivating the GrantAllRolesToAdmin timer it always show 'When Published'.
It's possible to disable the grant all roles to admin timer from doing anything by setting the GrantNewRolesToAdmin Users Site Property on your tenant to False.

You can do this in Service Center > Factory > eSpaces > Users > Tenants tab > Users > Site Properties Tab > GrantNewRolesToAdmin

When this is false, the timer will not have any effect.