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Published on 2018-11-28 by André Ramos
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Published on 2018-11-28 by André Ramos
Is there a way to let the user use the FontAwesom icons in the editor?
That's a question for the CK Editor folks... this component just wraps it up in a way that OutSystems can make sense of.

Hi Mathias,

Yes you can (I'm just not sure if the version on forge allows it).

CKEditor at least version 4.X allows you to specify an external css file to render the content. If you use a css that includes the FontAwsome (e.g: a london based theme from one of your espaces and then can than rely on FA classes or London classes for that matter).

Unfortunately I can not share my version of CKEditor as was done in a professional context but upgrading to a new version its quite easy (just a matter of replacing some scripts in the resources of the CKEditor oml).

You may check a quick sample in my PE: https://lguilhas.outsystemscloud.com/SampleCKEditor/Home.aspx

Hope this helps,
Hi Mathias,

how may I implement an editor like the one you  have here? https://lguilhas.outsystemscloud.com/SampleCKEditor/Home.aspx

Hi Pule,

You can implement it by using the CKEditor component (http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/97/ckeditor/)