Trouble passing parameters to a popup webscreen

Trouble passing parameters to a popup webscreen

I am using Outsystems 8.

When I create a popup webscreen with input parameters, 

set Value1 to "Darth Vader" in the HomePage preparation, 

and type in "Luke Skywalker" in the input that is bound to the local variable Value2 in the HomePage and click to open the popup, all values created after the HomePage's preparation finishes appear to not be passed as input parameters to the popup webscreen.  

I've thought about creating session variables to handle this problem, but has anybody else had this problem and found a good workaround to this?

Not as easy as a session variable, but check out this post:

Joshua -

Your problem is that the parameters to the page are part of the URL on the screen. As you type, that URL isn't changing. You'd need to do something like use an OnChange to refresh that URL every time the values change. The link Cory provided will work fine as a workaround.

It works!  Thank you all!!!
We want to pass values from a screen to a popup screen on click of the button
·        We do not want to create session variables for this.
·        When the popup button is clicked, the preparation of the parent screen should not run again.
·        When the popup screen is closed, data should not be lost in the parent screen.

Can somebody help on this?
Swapnil -

This is exactly how the "Popup Editor" system works right now. All you need is to add input paramaters to the popup screen.