Microsoft Takes .NET Open Source And Cross-Platform - Outsystems .NET on linux soon-?

And ServiceStudio for Linux and Mac!
Yesterday I thought it was one of those "too good to be true" news.

It will be hard to take advantage of it for the first years. I can imagine asking for a Linux to run OS.NET and hear a "we don't configure linux servers for microsoft techonology" :)
You could always "unofficially" run c# on linux via mono, however mono was not officially supported by Microsoft.

You also had to partially rewrite your code to get it to work with mono - this is a problem, you cant simply write code once and run everywhere like you could do with JAVA.

With Microsoft's official support, I sure hope we all could write code once and run everywhere, without rewrite or modifications!

We just have to see, how it will turn out .

Well, the bits that got open sourced are the "server" bits, not the complete .NET Framework. Not yet, anyway.

What this means it that if you want to use .NET on Linux, OS X, or iOS you have to use Mono. Also, for now, what will happen is that Xamarin will incorporate some parts of what has been open sourced into Mono, specifically where Mono's implementation is either incomplete or really up to Microsoft's.

And I don't remember Microsoft saying that Visual Studio will ever run on Linux or OS X. What they did say is that you'll be able to develop and test both Android and iOS apps using Visual Studio using Cordova (in addition to what you can already do now obviously). For Android, VS 2015 will ship with a Hyper-V based emulator (kind of like the one VS 2013 has for Windows Phone), for iOS you'll need a Mac so I'm guessing it'll be something like Remote Debugging.

Finally, the Express versions of Visual Studio are going to be discontinued, and have already been replaced with the Community Edition, which is pretty much Visual Studio 2013 Professional with a new name. This means it's a fully featured version of Visual Studio and supports plugins.
Carlos, the only thing I'm interested in is to run outsystems platform .NET server on Linux.

All development tools I'm happy with it running on Windows, thats fine!