External Oracle database - use autonumber

External Oracle database - use autonumber

Hi everybody,
Our platform is running on .Net/SQL server. I have to insert records in a external Oracle database. So I've created a database extension with Integration Studio. I would like to have the id's of the tables to use autonumber for the primary keys. As you know in SQL server all i have to do is make these columns IDENTITY columns.
Not in Oracle. I need a sequence and a trigger. As described - for example - here. I can offcourse create the sequences and triggers, but then the whole idea of one-click publish is gone, since I now must run those scripts everytime we move forward.

The key problem is that my Oracle database is external; if my Oracle database was  the platform database, than I could just use the autonumber functionality, as described here.

Is there a elegant solution to this?
Hi Martijn,

The best solution is indeed to create a sequence and trigger in the external table.
I just didn't get why you say you must do it everytime. You only need to do it once per table.

João Rosado
Hi João,

By everytime I mean on every environment (Development, Test, Quality, Production).

It's not a problem. It think it would be just nicer if I could generate the numbers in the code in Service Studio - for example - so I don't need to create Oracle objects (sequences & triggers).

But if thats the way to do it, I think I just go with that solution. Thank you for your answer,