outsystems now

outsystems now

downloaded the app on my android phone...
I have a personal environment...

when I try to login I get:
"The required OutSystems Now servcie was not detected.  If the location entered above is accurate, please check the instructions at labs.outsystems.net/native"

I'm not sure what else to do I checked "labs.outsystems.net/native" and don't see anything specific???

I can log in  to my personal Home page??
Hi Darrell,

You have to publish the OutSystems Now companion app from the Forge in your personal environment.
Head to the outsystems tab in your development environment search for OutSystems Now and install.
That should be enough. You can find documentation here (http://labs.outsystems.net/Native) as describe in the detail tab on the Forge.

I hope this helps.
Hello  André,

I've installed Outsystems Now in my Personal Environment and downloaded the app from the Play Store to my phone.

In my phone at the login page i write the right credentials of my Platform Server and it does not wok. It says invalid login but my credentials are correct.

Any idea of what's happening?

Thank you.
Hi Carlos,

Can you try the same login here in your personal, using any browser: http://yourpersonal.outsystemscloud.com/Users/

If it works, then you should be able to login using OutSystems Now, assuming the modules are correctly installed.


Thanks, it works fine.