Adding new locale to outsystems

Adding new locale to outsystems

When I select add locale from multilingual locales, it shows me a list. I would like to add couple of more options there to select from. Is this list bound to some table ?


P.S. I have found out that it need to be RFC 1766 standard format compliant. 

The list displayed in Service Studio is taken from the supported Cultures in the .Net Framework. Also it may vary a little between operating system versions, so it also requires the Windows version of the server to support it. (same applies to java, so if I remember correctly, the list should be missing 2 or 3 entries that were not supported in java)

So the list and available options are not really editable.
What locales did you want to use?

João Rosado
 I dont need new locale per se. But I wanted to use it for slightly different purpose. I have a requirement to change some of the labels for certain users. I wanted to use locale for that because that would have been seamless and could be extended in the future without any over-head. 
Joao, What would be your recommended solution for changing some of the labels per tenent ? Thanks.