Service studio's slow/no internet connection


I tried outsystems and the service studio for a couple of days.
Unfortunately Service studio is extremely show when loading webscreens, also the homescreen indicates that there is no internet connection(see attachment).

Other IDE's on this computer also had this problems but when I entered the proxy server + port this problem was solved. I can't find this option in service studio, I see that I can use proxy Authentication but this doesn't solve the problem.

I use a HP elitebook 8560w with:
8 GB memory and a Intel i7 processor on windows.

Do you have any solutions for this problem?

Thank you in advanced.

Kind regards,
Martijn Habraken
Elitebook 8470p here.
The speed problems i had in a previous version (7 I think) at the first few days. It got much better with use and in v9 it didn't happen at all.

The proxy situation I have behind proxy connecting to Forge, Help, Management... Out of proxy it always worked so I never noticed.

I did the following and it improved the performance a lot.

- reinstalled Service studio
- changed the proxy setting in Google chrome.

Don't know which of the two did the trick, but this makes working with outsystem a lot better.