How to reset password?

My environment was just upgraded to 9 but now my password doesn't seem to work anymore.
How can I reset it so I can log into Service Center?
Hi ClausS,

If you reset your community password, the new password will be propagated to your Personal Environment.
Can you check if this solves your problem?

best regards,
That helped, thanks!!
I can log into service center, but I can't seem to log into any of the apps in my personal environment after it was upgraded.

Any ideas?
I figured this out last night - my service studio/service center login isn't related to my users login in my apps.  I had never set up a user with my email address I used for service studio.  I had just changed the password for the admin login.


Did you finished this problem and use all apps normally? I don`t think the Service Center is connected to the your new environment. Maybe you need to reset your Service Center password and try to log in again. If it does not help, you may need to upload the app and install again. Try to connect to the staff. In addition to password reset, you need to focus on some Password Safe App that create and recover new passwords for you without any paid. Also can be an App to Store Passwords for you so you don`t need to worry about password lost and being hacked. I noticed that someone also think that the apps of the studio is not related to your admin passwords cause he just changed his admin password. So upload and install again may be your fast way to use again. But remember to pay attention to your password protection if you need to reset your password.