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Published on 21 Feb by João Portela
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Published on 21 Feb by João Portela
I am using a free Outsystems Platform and want to test FileSystem Extension. Do you have a folder location that I can use to test for example Directory_ListDirFiles action. If I tried C:/ I received an "Access to the path <FOLDER_LOCATION> is denied". Do you know the folder estructure used by outsystems to use a folder for writting? 
I used default folder for IIS and it got the list of folders and files: C:\inetpub\wwwroot.

Still, If I try to use Directory_Create action from File System Extension I received error "Access to <FOLDER_LOCATION> is denied".

Is there a ay to set any folder for write permissions in a free Outsystems Platform? or I will be allowed only using a paid outsystem platform.

You'll have to use your user's temporary path. You can get this using an extension and call the GetTempPath method from .NET Path class.

These files should live for at most 30 days before being deleted.