Outsystems CE installation

Outsystems CE installation

Good afternoon,
Is there any step by step non technical installation guidelines in order to install the outsystems CE. I want to test the product but I'm having a terrible time trying to get it installed and working. I went to http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/10699/how-to-manually-install-the-outsystems-platform-9-0-community-edition/ and could not get it. Is there anything more efficient and fool proof to do this?
Another question is, can outsystems run with MySQL or Postgre databases?
Thanks in advace!
Hello Raul,

The URL name may have been slightly confusing, because Outsystems CE (as in local manual download) is dropped for version 9.  People testing the platform now use a personal cloud version.  I personally found that a huge advantage with the cloud account is that installation is much smoother (and more non-technical) and you don't have a limit on software units; just a limit on database usage.  This means you can easily do ALL the exercises in the learning sections.

To answer your second question: yes!  Outsystems can run on MySQL and Postgres databases.

Please don't hesitate if you have any other questions.

Hi Raul,

The link you copied actually looks like manually modified, since the topic it links to says 8 and not 9.

As for trying out the platform I agree with Joshua that the best for you is to use a personal edition on the cloud. It gets ready for use in a couple minutes and you don't have to worry about server installations.
Just click on the header of this page to get to your home screen where you can request a personal. Here is a link: http://www.outsystems.com/home/

As for the database question, on personals it currently runs on MSSQL and there is no choice for it.
On enterprise editions it can run on MSSQL, Oracle or MySQL.
As for integrating with external databases of those 3 and DB2.

João Rosado
Thanks to both of you guys. It looks like that personal cloud version is the best alternative to do a testing according to both of you. What happens next, if I want to start with a locally installed CE solution in the mean time I can get expertise on the plattform and convince others to buy the payed version. Is there any way to have it locally installed. Due to internal information security requeriments, there'll be a few information I'll probably not be able to have it on te cloud. What will your advise be on these scenario? Thanks again!
Is there a possibility you keep your data local but would be allowed make it available for external application access through a tightly-secured REST API?