Automatically Schedule Upload File.

Can anyone write an example on this scenario:

I have 3 folders at C:/RawData/Unread & C:/RawData/Read & C:/RawData/Error

Everyday there is going to be X number of excel files dump in C:/RawData/Unread.

I want these Excel files to be uploaded and inserted into a database.

Every excel file that has been read and inserted into the database, the file gets moved to the C:/RawData/Read

Any error, will get moved to C:/RawData/Error

How can this be done? I know it needs a Timer, but an sample of working program code would be helpful.

Pretty much need a synchronous file upload at a given folder location

Hi David,

You're right - essentially you need a timer to periodically check a file system folder and implement logic on what to do with the file. For the file system integration, you'll need to use the actions in the FileSystem extension.

In attach you can find a sample eSpace - haven't tested it, so it's hopefully working - to show you how we usually implement requirements like these.

Also, for this to work, you'll need to configure a user (machine or domain) with access to the folders on the eSpace's "Run as" configuration (tab Operation in eSpace in Service Center), otherwise you'll get some sort of access denied errors.
Hi Paulo

The FileSystems points to where the Outsystems is hosted. Where as the files that I want them to be uploaded are at the client's computers.

I need client's files in their systems and automatically transfer to my hosted service therefore I can use the filesystems to process it