Opening an extension in Integration Studio from Service Studio

Opening an extension in Integration Studio from Service Studio

While in Service Studio, if I right click on an extension and say Open 'xxx' Extension, I have to log in 3 times before it works.  

First, I get two "Connect to Enviroment..." windows wanting me to put in my password.  Each window displays a different Enviroment.  I currently have 2 defined.  I would assume that if I had 3 different environments where I can edit an extension, there would be 3 windows.  I close the "Connect to Environment.." window for the server I'm not on.  

Once that dialog box closes, I see my extension details.  BUT now in the bottom right, it says "Not Logged In".  I now have to click the "Connect To Environment..." button in the ribbon and enter my password AGAIN.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here?  Why can't it just log me in automatically?  Any why all the prompts?

I'm using 9 but this happened in 8 as well.

Thank you
I can second this although 3rd login is not necessary. It shows not logged in but if you publish it will publish to the correct server.
There's seemingly two bugs here: one is that it asks for login twice, one that it shows "not logged in". The latter always displays for me, even if I manually start IS. You can report these bugs to support, so they can put it in their backlog.