Question: Changing license to other activation code

Hi everyone,

One quick question. I have an environment that needs to be moved into another licensing, different from this one. 

That is, I need to remove the server license from the slot in Activation Code A(Standard License), and insert the server in Activation Code B(Enterprise License).

Two things worry me:

- When I ask to remove the serial number from slot in Activation Code A, so that I can insert it in Activation Code B, is it expected to be any kind of downtime on my applications?

- After registering the serial number on Activation Code B license, will I have imediatelly IPP issues, that could lead to downtime? I've noticed I had that issue(except the downtime), when created the DEV Environment on Activation code B, that made me change the licensing on ipp to my espaces.

Thanks in advance,

Nuno Silva

I believe you wouldn't have any downtime from the license switch, but you would have IPP issues. I might be wrong on this, though. You should definitely email Outsystems Support about this situation.