Editable Table On Cancel Behavior

Editable Table On Cancel Behavior


Hi Guys,

?Currently the Editable Table have some annoying behaviour that i really need to workaround it.

For Example we are using the Editable Table on Outsystems labs example:
We edit the unit price to become negative value and then save.
It would validate and show the validation.

But then i decided to cancel using the 'X' button.

It would still show the negative value and didnt rollback the value.

Currently the Editable table only provide OnRowSave and OnRowDelete, and dont have OnRowCancel actions.
Any idea on how to fix it? or at workaround it? so i can manipulate the data to the prev one when i select cancel.

Hi Aji,

Sorry for the late response. 
I don't know if there's another option, but maybe your best option is to set the old value when your validation gives an error.

Hope that helps!