[Discovery] Module canvas

[Discovery] Module canvas

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Published on 30 Nov (13 days ago) by João Rafael Capucha
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Published on 30 Nov (13 days ago) by João Rafael Capucha
What does the Consumer / Producer icons main in a module?

The sample below displays 3 consumers and producers, but wen is look in ServiceStudio, there are 5 Consumers and 12 Producers. Are only the problems displayed, and if so what kind of problems?

Hi Matthias,

The numbers displayed should reflect the actual number of producers and consumers.
Is it possible that you are looking to an old snapshot that no longer reflects the current reality?
You can also confirm producers and consumers of an eSpace in Service Center
This is the EMS_LoggingServ module in ServicCenter:

And in the current Snapshot 3 consumers and 3 producers:

After deleting all Snapshots with the ClearSnapShots query in BootStrapMetaData action, the Module Canvas is reporting the good counts again.

I have moved some Modules to another Application, could this be the cause of the wrong counts?
Are you using version 1.2.9 of Discovery? Taking a new snapshot should always create the correct counts (even after modules being moved to different applications)...
We now use the 1.2.9 version of Discovery. But we still see differences between what Discovery shown in the Application Canvas, and the producers and consumers in ServiceCenter:

Example in Application Cavas:

No consumers and producers, but in ServiceCenter: