Application analysis badly needed

Application analysis badly needed

I have an application that fails because of the following error message:

ORA-12570: Network Session: Unexpected packet read error

The error seems to happen when we are expecting a lot of data.  Are there too many database requests?  Too much data?

We monitored the traffic and it's not that much.  500k before the error message.  

How can we use this limited information to debug and find the problem to we can fix the issue?  I'm looking for something that can provide me detailed information about the application while it runs.  The number of database calls for example would be helpful.

Is there anything in Outsystems that can provide a very detailed look at the running process?  The error is coming from Oracle but I don't know why.  

Any tips or tricks, or hopefully a tool, that can provide detailed trace information?

Thank you

That definitely sounds like a network connectivity or DB issue. I don't know Oracle, but I'd look for a profiler which can give you the data you are looking for. You can also use the logs in Service Center to connect the logged error to a specific Action/Query... put the debugger on, find the parameters that cause that issue, and try running the same query outside of OutSystems to see if the same error occurs.