Issue with LondonTheme: Web Block Loop Detected on 'Layouts\Layout_London'


I am a University of Georgia student with an approaching deadline for a group project in outsystems. One of the main requirements for the app is to make it responsive. We did this by applying the London Theme. However, ever since switching to it creating new web screens has caused issues for us. Currently, the system is telling us there is a "web block loop detected on 'layouts\layout_london'". We have tried debugging this, but have had no luck. Is there someone that can please help us with this issue? Our project is due December 2nd so we are planning to work on our last feature, "Dashboard", this coming week during our Thanksgiving break. -- We do currently have a "Dashboard" page, which is a duplicate of the Ticket page, but this was only done in an attempt to get around the web block loop issue. This has caused lots of backend issues so we plan to remove it and create a new web screen once we remove the web block loop problem. This is pretty urgent so if someone can help us resolve the issue we will really appriacte it.  

Here is our app:

Here are screenshots of our issue in Service Studio 9.0:


Web Screen

Joshua Goldberg
Team Scrum Master

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Hi Audrey and Joshua,

It seems you have a couple of related issues here.

One is because in your theme "TicketHelpDesk" the "Menu" property is set to "Layout_London" when it should be set to another specific menu web block in the eSpace. You can check on Development Environment help how to build a web block that can serve as Menu of your applications. You can also create a new application and responsive module and just check the theme and web blocks created there to try to set your application right. The "Layout_London" web block is a layout web block that is used to be the basis of all new screens (it's the first widget in the screen if you check the widget tree) to provide them with the responsive features. It cannot be used as Header, Footer or Menu in the theme.

The "web block loop" error is because the content of the Header and Menu placeholders of your screen contains a "Layout_London" web block, when it should have your own Header and Menu web block. It is not possible to include one web block inside of itself, hence the loop error.