Exposing Processes as synchronous webservice

Exposing Processes as synchronous webservice

i am trying to make process flow as an entry to the webservice. is there any way to expose process flow itself as webservice/http?   as per platform specification its not possible, as processes are asynchronous? any help is appreciated.
Hi Badiger,

No there's no way of transforming a process in a synchronous web service call. The first rule when dealing with process is that the BPT engine is assynchronous and that in itself already has a set of challenges like having to commit when you change something on the Master Entity and than close an activity to make sure that the data is updated on the process "transaction".

Can you explain why are you trying to do this so we may try giving some suggestions? What kind of process are we talking about (all automatic activities?).


Thank you for the reply.

I have a requirement where, i need to call external services parallely. created process with parallel processing its working as expected that is waiting till all paths are executed. Created an webservice and invoked this BPT inside this webservice action, when call comes to this webservice, its not waiting till BPt execution completes.

My idea here was to expose directly this BPT as webservices, as this feature is available in all BPM/BPEL/ESB tools like IBM,Oracle,Mule any such for that matter.

Thought of exposing this BPT action itself as webservice instead calling this BPT in through synchronous webservies/actions..