I want to try to make a finaciall app for a organisation where people can borrow toys for 3 weeks.

So a person has a subscription which he/she pays one a year where he/she gets a invoice.
So in my oponion there is a one to one relation between the person and the subscription.
But when a person is too late bringing the toys back or things are missing or broken, he/she gets a fine.
Also there must be a invoice.

So a person can have many invoices. But the amount can be found at the table which contains the subscriptions.
Is there now a one to many relation between the invoice and the person and if so, how do I make this with outsystems personal.


Roelof Wobben

Hi Roelof,

The chapter 4 of the Online Training describes how to model data relationships in Outsystems.
Yes, you will need a one to many relationship between person and invoices.
The amount should be on the invoice, otherwise you cannot increase the subscription amount from one year to the next.


oke, that is what I thought. I just finished chapter 4 and I think I can do the same as for the orders and orderitem.