Using a picture from a table in a table records

Hello all -- I've currently placed around 9 different images in my tables as a binary field.  I use that table as a lookup table to show that image with a certain store that has been selected in the table records.  The problem I'm having is I can't use a loop to cycle threw and have the download widget to get each image for each store.  Anyone have any work arounds on how to display and image from the table?

Thanks for any help,
Adam Masters
As i understand your doubt is that you want to add an image for each store, and show it on an table records, corresponding each different image for each store. I had the same problem, and to solve that, i created a new entity to upload that image. First create a new enity, like storeLogo, that right click and import an default image to that entity. This creates an other entity with an relationship one-to-one that stores the pic. Go to your main entity store and create an FK for the StorelogoId. Scafffold the two screens to edit each logo, uploading each image to an Id, to populate the Logos Database.
Then for each store, add the respective Id of the logo that you uploaded.

Hope it helps! anything else ask!
Andrew Tabata
Hi Adam,

I don't understand your problem or question. I've succesfully implemented screens that show images in table records and allow downloading and uploading, so if you can elaborate on you exact problem, I might be able to help. In case you mean "upload widget" instead of "download widget", it is to my knowledge indeed not possible to put it in a table records. You'll need a separate pop-up screen to handle that.