Hot fix an extension

Hot fix an extension

Hi All, I am trying to hot fix an issue on the QA for one of the extension. The only thing that is changed is a DLL. Here is how I am doing it right now: 

1- Open Extension in the integration studio.
2- Remove the old DLL referenece and add the new reference. 
3- Publish it on the intended server.

After this I was expecting it to work but I had to republish the extire e-space that is using it before it started to work. What as I missing here ? Is there some other way of doing it ?

That is exactly how it works. When you publish an extension or eSpace, the system gives it a new directory, so this way the consumers do not link to the new version until you explicitly republish them. That way, if the new version has a bug, it doesn't bring the whole system down.

This is a case of the system valuing stability and reliability more than the developer's convenience.

Thanks Justin. Just wish there was an option to select if I want to republish it. 
Kota -

Yes, there has been at least one suggestion in "Ideas" for functionality like that... that when you publish a Producer it can optionally re-publish all Consumers as well. I agree that it would be helpful in many situations!

Hi Kota,

If have a lot of espaces to republish after updating a producer you can create a solution in service center and publish.

It will automatically refresh your espaces and simplify your life because you wont have to publish one by one.