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Published on 2018-10-18 by Labs
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Published on 2018-10-18 by Labs
First of all. Thanks for your contribution !!!

I try to install it, and I get the following mensage:

Application cannot be safely installed in your environment

Can you help me?

Solved !! But now I am Getting the following error

"O Google desactivou a utilização da API do Google Maps para esta aplicação. A chave fornecida não é uma chave da API da Google válida, ou não está autorizada para o Google Maps Javascript API v3 neste Web site. Se é o proprietário desta aplicação, pode saber como obter uma chave válida aqui: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/tutorial#api_key"

can you help me??
Hello Alberto!

Did you follow the documentation tutorial in order to get your own google maps API key?

Yes Mario. I think that I follow all the steps!!
Hello Alberto, thanks for your words :)

Did you changed the Google Map key in your installation? I've seen that error and it's usually related with that.

Nevertheless, I'll try it myself and let you know the results in a bit.

Pedro Cardoso
Hey Alberto,

I've tried installing the component in my personal and I actually had a problem cause I had one module named GoogleMaps and that was causing a conflict.

Could it be the same?
Thanks Pedro! I will Check it. Its possible.
I am getting the same error.
Where is the documentation tutorial mentioned above?
Is it possibly caused by the fact that I already have the Google Static Maps API and Google Services in my environment?

Hello Keith,

indeed the problem might be that. There's already a GoogleMaps module in your environment.

The documentation is available in the component, and it's live, if you follow the 'Try Now' button on forge.

Pedro Cardoso
Hi Pedro,

Looks like a bit of a catch 22 as the Google Maps Static API is in use so it looks like I will have to find a window where I can uninstall it, thereby breaking the modules that are using it, then install this one and go and fix the modules that used the static maps api?

Unless you have any other suggestions?

Hi Keith,

The problem is that the Google Maps application has a module named "GoogleMaps", which is also the name of a module in the Google Services Application.

As a workaround, instead of having to uninstall the Google Services application, you can rename the GoogleMaps module to something else. Afterwards, you can install the Google Maps application. 

Keep in mind that, if you change the module's name, if you have any "hardcoded" reference to it, for instance, external URLS, CSS, or something else, it will no longer work, as the access point is different.

I hope this answers your questions.

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask.

Ricardo alves

we changed the name of the module in the GoogleMaps component so, this should no longer happen. We're just testing it and we will release it ASAP to the Forge.

Pedro Cardoso
... and it's done :)

Now available in a Forge near you!
Great! I'll try it later today when I get a chance. Thanks.
Works for me now alongside the google staic api . thanks.  Keith
That's a win!

Pedro Cardoso
Yes thanks. Now all I need are all those pins and flags etc. :-)