i am having the problem for opening popup automatically, by using popup editor it needs link button, in my case on page load it has to open the popup directly, how can i make it, any suggestions it will be helpful for me. thanks 
Hi Balu,

You can click on the link when the page is ready.
Do do this, you can use the RunJavascript action or by using an expression on the page.

The javascript would be something like this: $('#" + linkname.id + "').click();

Hope it helps,
hi hélio,

when i do this $('#" + linkname.id + "').click(), its not invoke as popup, its simply redirect to that page directly, not opening the as a popup.

Hi again Balu, 

Are you waiting until the page is ready?
A click event is attached to make the link open as a pop-up, so if you click on the link before this you are redirected to the target page.


hi helio
yes, you are right its working after the page load complete, then call click event it works perfectly, thanks a lot.

Let me know if you need anything else.

scenario: One table in javascript with elements that are clickable.
               One button that is connected to the popup_editor to launch a popup

After click one link on the table it will trigger a button using jquery. But I don´t know how but the popup doesn't not appear in front of the page but it replace all content.