Only 1 Menu per Application??

Only 1 Menu per Application??

I have 2 UI Modules in my Application but I want them to have completely different menus (content and layout), is this possible or do I have to create to separate Applications?

To give some more information, I first created a module called Themes and defined a base theme. Then I created my first UI module which used that theme. I then went to create a second UI module but wanted to create a different menu layout but it automatically uses the menu from the Themes module.

When creating the second module the system will have automatically referenced the menu from the first module.

In second module, remove the references to first module menu webblock and menuitem/submenuitem static entities .  Then copy and paste the menu webblock and the two static entites from the first module to the second module. Delete the menu items and entity records in the second module and you're good to go.

Thanks Gavin, we're using this method now.