[Html2PdfConverter] how to make this work

[Html2PdfConverter] how to make this work

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Published on 21 Mar by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 21 Mar by Guilherme Pereira
hi guys this app is great but the thing is i cant make it work in the previous stable version 1.0.3 i followed the tutorial of sir Paolo Ramos and got it to work but now i cant make it work using the same method. i have also been trying to upload the binaries to the the component but once it reaches 50% uploading it goes back to 0% not sure why this is happening thought

any help on this would be greatly appreciated 


I haven't used this version, but I was told you need to access a backoffice (something like http://<your server>/Html2PdfConverter/) and follow the instructions there to configure the component. Is this step that's failing (namely the upload of files in this backoffice)? How big is the file you're uploading? It's possible that the web server is refusing the file upload due to its size.

Hi Joshua additionally are you trying this on a personal environment? If so I found out that the "best binaries" are those that use mingw (they are smaller).

So in your admin backoffice you'll need to upload the dlls and the binaries. Take a look at mine:

Hope this helps

Hi Guilherme!

i tried it out on my personal environment and it worked! thanks for this if its for a linux server though what should the binaries be?

thanks in advance!
Hi sir Paolo

the step that's failing is in the backoffice and im trying to upload a 22523KB file


HI Joshua,

For the linux binaries depend on your version but you have several available in the library page  http://wkhtmltopdf.org/downloads.html
Hi guilherme
 i have downloaded the necessary binaries for the linux server what else do i need to upload aside from the files in the bin folder?


The versions I've tried for linux only needed the executables: wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage.

To all reading this topic, including me, there is now another topic, from Guilherme Pereira, very recent (2016-03-24), with a FAQ that I found to be most usefull!