Nice pipeline chart

Hello, I want to make a nice pipeline chart, as in this example: I should be grateful if someone could direct me to the right way to do this.
Hi LaimaZ,

You can use More Charts you will find in Forge. Installing the component should be quite easy, but if you ran into any troubles be sure to check this help content. More Charts includes a funnel chart.
You can infer the way to use it from this video.

Hi, Andre,
Ofcourse, I have "More charts", but I don't get such 3D chart.  Attached two pictures: one - my result, the other - my wishes.
Hi LaimaZ,

The highcharts library doesn't have a 3d funnel. The image you have there is from a different library which is fusion charts. You need to reference the ChartingServicesCore module and you can check here how to use the funnel chart. (