Entity Methods

I want to implement something a little bit more object-oriented with methods associated with entities.  It may be a limit of the personal environment, but it would be nice if there was a way of associating actions to entities the way it created CRUD actions on entities.

The only option I see is creating actions with a prefix the same name as the entity, for example if the entity was "Order" there are actions called "Order_Cancel", "Order_Shipped".

Is there another way in the fully licensed version?

Ian -

There's no difference on this studd between Personal & Enterprise.

What we do is make a folder with the name of the Entity and put all related Actions in that folder, and then follow a naming schema like you've described to help keep things straight.

The system as a whole works 100% off of the name to differentiate actions, no namespacing or anything like that, it's just how it's done. So if you have 2 actions by the same name in different folders or references, one of them gets a number suffix on it, or you need to manually rename one.

Thanks Justin.