[Custom Input Masks] CustomMasks breaks Ajax actions
Forge component by Sara Gonçalves
I'm using Platform and and I discovered that on all my pages that use the custom mask, that only a single Ajax function (just as an ajax refresh, ajax submit, etc) would fire per page.

I have an address form that, when a user selects the country they're in, it populates the state field, which then populates a city field, and I use the mask on their phone number. With the mask in place, the country change would indeed populate the states, but no other action (including the "submit" button) would fire after that.

This could also be because the pages were generally inside webblocks, so maybe being in a webblock causes problems?

I was on the phone for awhile with OutSystems support and they traced it down to a problem with the CustomMasks widget. Once removing it, my pages work fine.

So... there's an Ajax problem there someplace.

Also, CustomMasks doesn't seem to work at all on I can't even open it in Service Studio without it erroring out. (Some generic error)
Hi Len,

First of all thanks for your feedback. Regarding the problem about CustomMasks doesn't work on last Service Studio versions is already being resolved.
About the other problem - that only a single Ajax function would fire per page - I would like if you could detail more your scenario because I was unable to reproduce the behaviour that you mentioned. Or maybe you could isolate that scenario in a new eSpace and send me by email, so that I can understand what's going on.

Sara Gonçalves
Hi Sara,

I have the same problem. When I use the customMasks in a input field and in that input field I have an "On Change" action, that action doesn't work. What can be the problem? Exist any way to solve this problem or deal with that?


Hello Gonçalo,

First of all I would like to apologize for just checking this now.

I tried to reproduce this behavior and I didn't have success. I would be great if you could isolate that scenario in a new eSpace and send me by email, so that I can understand what's going on.

Thank you!

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