[Multiple Select] Doesn't appear to work on 9.0

Forge Component
Published on 2014-05-02 by André Madeira
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Published on 2014-05-02 by André Madeira
I've run a debug on this and, no matter what I select in the box, the Selections variable always returns: ""
I have used it in 9.0 and it works
Yes, I appologize, I was misunderstanding where the Selected list data was stored; I thought it was in the "Stored" local variable, but it's actually in the Widget List1.List.Current type thing.

Works well. Thanks!
Ah, I did find someplace where it DOESN'T appear to work.

On Platform 9 "Forms" widgets, it only works properly after the form as been ajax refreshed; and even then the alignment and shape of it changes a bit. On fresh load, it shows the selections, but doesn't populate the drop down.
Sorry.. but self-bumping this question to see if there's been any progress in making this work proplerly in the Platform 9 "Forms" widgets...