Static entities relationships


About the Static entities relationships, I looked up in help for service studio 8 and help from service studio 9, and it has the same.It says that
"static entities can only have relationships with other static entities",
but in the Bookings exercise, and Order app exercise, we manage to make a relationship with an entity that wasn't a static.
Therefore this Isn't correct in the help right? or am i missing something here?

Best Regards
Andrew Tabata 

That help text is probably not as well written as it could be.  What it should say is that Entities can have foreign key links to other Entities, both normal and static, but Static Entities that have foreign key links can only link to other Static Entities.  This is because static data cannot change, so linking to a normal Entity which can change doesn't make sense.  If this is causing you a problem, change your Static Entity to a normal Entity and only allow read only access except for one administrative screen where you would create the data.
Thanks Curt! Good explanation... somebody must correct the help file.
Ok Curt! 
Now it makes sense! Thank you