integration of a third party tool

integration of a third party tool



I've a third party encryption/decryption tool (given by my client) which I need to use in my Outsystems. That tool has an interface and command promp where I can provide Private/Public Key and encrypt/decrypt the data.

I would like to know how I can integrate the tool in my outsystems application so that I fetch file, give key, generate file. Please help.

You say the tool has an "interface". Do you mean like an API, or just a (graphical) user interface?
its a graphical user interface
also it can be accessed by command prompt to run the command..
Well, that means you need to write an extension that handles this.
you mean I should write an extension to accesss via command prompt...
Yes, that's indeed what I mean. If it is possible, with a command line option, to redirect the tool's output to a file, you might be able to do it from Service Studio directly, if you already have an extension that allows you to run something on the server (we use an old extension, Process, for that).
Thanks for your prompt replies... 
command line option can redirect the outout to a file. 

let me try this.. I would really appriciate if you can give a sample extension to deal with command prompt.

thanks again
I've attached the xif-file (from platform 8, but should upgrade to 9 without a problem), and I'll attach an example eSpace in the next post. Note that I'm not the author of either, so I can't answer any detailed questions.
Here's the oml.
Thanks. BTW, i am using outsystems 8 now.

Let me do this.