Outsystems Nillable Response Elements

Outsystems Nillable Response Elements


I have created a basic service within Outsystems that consumes a Web-Service and exposes the Web-Service request/response structures as the request/response structures to my Outsystems service.

Initially everything was being returned for default values for integer/date and boolean and as such we have changed everything to be strings and are now getting responses such as the below:


However I need to indicate that these are null to the client system. Is there a way of inserting xsi:nil="true" for these elements - or completely excluding the tags from the response?

Any guidance would be much appreciated. It's an urgent issue we have at the moment in that the client code is throwing errors when attempting to de-serialize (we have provided a WSDL to them that is still typed - and not using strings).

Danny -

If you look at the consumed Web Service in OutSystems, you will see that there are options on each parameter to not send it if it is null. Make sure that you send empty/null values through when you call it.

Hi Justin, Thanks for responding. Those settings appear to work for the consumed service but not when I use structures in web services that are exposed to the outside world. Looking through documentation there appears to be no concept of null values for structure attributes? How do I return a null integer back to a client that is calling my service built in outsysyems? Thanks
Danny -

Ah, gotcha... you are going the other way than what I thought. I'm really not sure, sorry!