Only to get sure!!!

If one exception occurs that is not intercepted before, it will be intercepeted in the Common Flow (London Theme). Right?

In that case if it is a Security exception, why it will not be intercepted first by the All Exceptions handler? There is a order ?

Hi Alberto,

Regarding your first question, if you are not catching your exception anywhere, it will bubble up until is falls into the Common Flow, more specifically, into the All Exceptions flow. This is defined in the Theme's properties, under the "Error Handling Flow" property:

Regarding you second question, the Security Exception is a special kind of exception that is associated with Logins. Also, exceptions are caught from the most specific to the less specific, i.e., the All Exceptions flow will only catch the exception is no other flow caught it before.

I hope this clarifies your question.

Ricardo Alves

Thanks Again for your prompt and clear answer