User Management 404


I am trying to access  http://<Server Name>/Users but it throws a 404.  Site is hosted on my personal space on

Can some one point me to the correct resouce to look at to resolve this please.

Hi Pat,

If you check your url you have two apps on it. IrelanHour/Users. Remove the first part. 

We should have something like:

ok so the User management is tied to the backend admin system and not a specific site that I am building.

Thanks for the quick response
Yes! On the user management (Users App) you can manage all your application users and their access. So there you can create a new user and give it access to your app (which probably you are trying to do). What happens is that, when you create an application, that application is connected to a user provider (Users) that will manage the users priviledges. We offer an app for that, but later on if you want you can create your on user provider (something useful for big enterprises).

Hope this has helped to clarify the situation.

Best and and keep sharing your thoughs with us =) 
Thanks, got it , appreicate the clarity.